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  2016 - Intro to Europe

Posted by intro on Tue, 13th October 2015 @ 11:50am

Hi all, i am in the process of organising a trip to Europe and staying there for several months after Christmas. I would compete in all of the tournaments over there and be able to show off some of the skills that us high caliber players in Australia and New Zealand contain. I am presenting this to you as i am wondering who would be interested in donating for me to head over. I am confident that i will win a lot of prize money and win the majority of cups that are run so i would be able to pay all donations back to donators without an issue. I am still unsure of what the costs will add up too, i am still in the process of looking for flights and accommodation so i will be sure to get back to all of you when i have more information regarding this. Anyway, if you are happy and willing to donate please let me know in the comments, it is much appreciated. I plan to get a donation link up and running in the next few weeks. Thank-you.

  Steam Group for QLTest CTF/TDM/CA

Posted by phy1um on Sun, 11th October 2015 @ 6:37pm

If you don't have a QLTest key yet, add Lion QL Key Man on steam:

Join this group and discuss when we should play games. I've made an event for Saturday the 17th. We have lots of servers with nothing going on, so let's get some big team games happening! :D

  2 v 2 CA comp Monday

Posted by offthepage on Fri, 2nd October 2015 @ 11:13am


I'd like to try and run a quick 2 v 2 CA comp on Monday 5/10
NSW time: 4pm start
NZ time: 7pm start

Format: round robin, best of 3, new CA rules.

Maps: To be announced.

Would need 6 teams to run this.

Teams so far:
1/ Pit - Gubben, Cug
2/ Mzry + ?
3/ Casper + Jolteon?
4/ otp + ?

  QW Australia

Posted by phy1um on Mon, 21st September 2015 @ 5:32pm

There has been some recent interest in playing QuakeWorld - team modes and duel! While QL is down come and play some real Quake.

It's easy to jump in. There's an installer called nQuake which does all of the setup - you can just run the game and start playing. It also includes bots for offline. Download that, and come to on Quakenet to find some games.

IRC Webchat:

Retro Hype Video:

Spoiler: SHOW

  Australian QL Server Downtime

Posted by phy1um on Sun, 16th August 2015 @ 3:21pm

Some information about the recent Australian server downtime from another thread for the frontpage.

e: Formatting of quotes is broken on the frontpage. The information is in the first reply to this thread.

Basically, hang in there guys. There will be official Aussie servers back soon, and more servers than we know what to do with after the next update.

  Future QL Servers

Posted by mick05 on Sat, 8th August 2015 @ 10:48am

Hi all, thought i'd address this publicly since I've had two private messages regarding this already. We will 100% be putting up QL servers and will have a greater assessment of need vs demand once the new version is released. We are very interested to at least get a server going in most states, maybe not necessarily for tournament play but so people can enjoy low ping where ever they are (ie: Vic and Qld). So far our server guy (who is a Quaker - PCBOY) has said Current available locations are Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. Shortly NZ as well.

As the money will be coming out of Tim/Casey and I's pocket we are happy to accept donations for the servers. I don't know what sort of features will become available, for example, in-game badges or icons, if anything then we will obviously provide this for donators as a thanks.

We are very interested to firstly create a private server booking page and depending on capability, develop our own custom systems to provide a more entertaining experience outside of the game. If the release sparks a strong resurgence of players we could easily see either our old/bigger 4sg tournaments come back or a LAN on the cards early next year (feb perhaps). 2v2 Cup #1

Posted by phy1um on Wed, 29th July 2015 @ 9:27pm

The first 2v2 TDM tournament is here. Make a team, sign up on Challonge and get practicing using the pickup bot!

Time: Sunday 16th August @ 2pm AEST - checkins open at 1:30pm.
Format: 2x Round Robin, with groups of 5. Top 3 teams from each group advance to single-elimination bracket to decide the winner. All matches are Bo3.
Maps: xfdm2, thcdm14 and dp6
Tournament Page:
Prizes: None yet, it's all for fun!

All players must be on to facilitate the running of the comp - you can use the pickup bot (linked above) for this. Teams will be given TS3 channels on the day to communicate. There will probably be a stream for the spectators, details to come. Places are filling fast, so if you're interested hurry and make a team.

Follow @Reflex_AU for updates on this cup, and the community.
Donate to via PayPal gift to add to the prize pool and support the site!

  Post Quake-Con Duel ODC

Posted by phy1um on Sun, 26th July 2015 @ 2:23am


Sunday 26th @ 2:30 AEST


Everyone! The more the merrier.


Aerowalk, Lost World, Furious Heights, Sinister, Cure


Double elimination (players must lose twice to be out). Watch the brackets and ask an admin if you're unsure. All matches Bo1 until Upper Bracket final (Bo3), Lower Bracket semi-final (Bo3), Lower Bracket final (Bo3), Grand Final (Bo5).

Map selection - Cointoss (callvote cointoss), winner decided who pick/bans first.
Bo1 - ban, ban, ban, ban, decider
Bo3 - pick, pick, ban, ban, decider
Bo5 - pick, pick, pick, pick, decide


All players must be on IRC, or add me (phy1um) on Quake Live. IRC channel is #duelcupau - click here to join >> If you can't be contacted by an admin for 20 minutes between your games you will be forfeited.

Intro, Casper_Nation, mica

Phylum, ???

  Quakecon 2015

Posted by phy1um on Thu, 23rd July 2015 @ 9:49pm

Quakecon 2015 is over!

Games will apparently be starting at 2am AEST each night. TDM and CTF are expected to run for around 5 hours. Nothing has been said about duel yet.

Twitch URL:

At the moment, we know that the doors to the event open at 00:00 24/7 AEST.

The rough outline for the tri-master tourney is:
-TDM: Friday our time. Brackets (spoilers):
-CTF: Saturday our time. Brackets:
-Duel + "Duel Final": Sunday our time. Brackets:

All games will take place in the morning for us. Going from previous years the final duel match should happen at around 11-12 AEST on Sunday.


  FACEIT Road2Quakecon $5000

Posted by intro on Sat, 11th July 2015 @ 2:49pm

On Saturday 11 July, 8pm AEST, The FACEIT Road2Quakecon Duel invitational will take place, with Cooller, Evil, Cypher, Clawz, Fazz, Spart1e, Tox and Noctis fighting for $2,500! The players will be placed in two groups, fully played in a best-of-three format. The top two players of each group head into the best-of-five single elimination playoffs.

On Sunday 12 July, 8pm AEST you will see the four European teams which are heading to QuakeCon competing in TDM, CTF and Duel. Meltdown (tox, winz, zyrinx, l1nkin) , iGamerz (cypher, clawz, strenx, silencep), Averagers (dem0n, fazz, noctis, spart1e) and Deliberate Murder (pavel, cooller, latrommi, 421) facing off in a single elimination bracket, with the teams first facing off in a best-of-three TDM game, followed by a best-of-three CTF game. The winner of each Best of three mode will gain 1 point. If teams are tied , both teams will select a dueller to determine the winner in a best-of-three Duel. The teams will be playing for a $2,500 prize purse.

For more information see here ---> ... urnaments/